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T&R Consulting is an Education Service Provider (ESP), founded in Australia by qualified academics in 2005, with a strong focus on Training and Research and a dedicated commitment to empowering students and individuals to become true global professionals.

With our corporate office in Melbourne Australia and affiliated organisations/branches in India, San Jose, California, USA and Guangzhou, China, T&R delivers valuable practical knowledge, providing high impact, quality services to stakeholders in both academia and industry.

Today’s rapidly evolving economic climate almost demands that skills-based practical knowledge is now a necessary component for any employee.  Education providers share the responsibility to ensure our learners, students and university graduates, have the necessary soft skills to enhance/complement their educational qualifications.

We at T&R, are proud to offer a wide range of ‘Enhanced Skills for Success’ e-learning courses to facilitate learning and increased learner and employee skill sets. Categories include;

  • Administrative Skills
  • Career Development
  • Human Resources
  • Personal Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Workplace Essentials
  • COMING SOON – Microsoft Office Essentials

T&R Preparing the Leaders for Tomorrow

T&R Consulting has partnered with many Educational Institutions Globally and continues to link Universities around the World. We offer many innovative products and services which include global collaboration in training, research, faculty, and student exchange programs, value-added programs, international student recruitment and placement services.
T&R Consulting continues to be innovative and creative in its commitment towards providing 21st Century Education Solutions.
T&R is Committed to Preparing Leaders For Tomorrow
Enhance Knowledge, Enrich Wisdom and Empower Learners Globally
Professional, Ethical and Transparent Services – A T&R promise.
Learning Never Ends – Learning is for life

T&R’s Innovative  Programs and Services

Value Added Programs

We at T&R believe, that with a combination of local and international education, students are better equipped to succeed in the world.

We’ve created flexible and tailored education programs that suit each student depending on their individual learning requirements. Our Value Added programs include double degrees, dual degrees, twinning and integrated masters programs.

International Research

We at T&R adopt a collaborative approach, by linking universities around the world, to provide access to grants and funding for research projects. Gaining research funding requires a professional approach to preparing and submitting proposals for evaluation.

T&R Consulting offers global advisory access to universities and their respective faculties in joint project initiatives and alike. Students are also offered the opportunity to work with leading-edge technology and potentially with other international universities.

Integrated Education Solutions

We at T&R are both excited and proud to have developed the C-Cube© Learning Platform which offers tailored education through content, with context, and tailored to a curriculum.

A combination of Courses, Content, and Curriculum can be developed to desired unique learning requirements utilising, T&R’s effective C-Cube © Learning Management System for an engaging interactive online learning experience.

This platform can effectively be utilised in commercial, corporate and educational environments to achieve the desired outcome with minimum time and cost investment.

Professional / Vocational Training

We at T&R Consulting understand that students may be academically gifted, and working professionals may be technically competent, however; this alone is no longer enough to satisfy the future needs of employers. As corporations evolve to become more dynamic, efficient and vertically integrated to optimise the value chain, they are looking for all-rounders to lead their organisation.

To address this evolution, the transferable skill sets required by graduating students and current young professionals, are dramatically changing. It is becoming evident that both hard and soft skills are now equally important, and we are ideally equipped to address this demand.

International Student Recruitment

T&R Consulting engages with overseas students directly, whenever possible, to share knowledge about study options available in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Our direct marketing strategies include trained counselors visiting with Asian Universities to provide comprehensive presentations to final year students. These presentations will engage and inform students about the various International University programs and student support options available to them, and equally importantly, to meet their expectations.

Smart Varsity Solutions

T&R Consulting may assist towards improving the individual university ranking, in the global arena, by inculcation and implementing best practices in day-to-day administration, by creating a repository of research activities carried out by the faculty and its affiliated institutions.

This includes, highlighting the competencies of the University, and assisting the University to achieve both performance and assessment criteria to meet the expected International Standards.

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